10 Movies, TV Shows, & Songs To Avoid During A Breakup

While I am on this “break” with the man friend (it remains unclear how long this break will last, FYI), I’ve sworn off certain movies, TV shows, and songs out of fear that they’ll make me depressed. A friend of mine went through a breakup recently and all she did was listen to Morrissey, but wallowing is not really my heartbreak style. I like avoidance and denial. Obviously, I can’t avoid these aspects of pop culture forever and will need to work them gradually back into my life, but for now, there will be no “General Hospital”, or Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend”, or Reese Witherspoon movies. See the rest of the list of Pop Culture No-No’s, after the jump.1. The entire Billie Holiday collection: Do you really need a cornucopia of songs about being miserable to remind you of how miserable YOU are?

2. “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline: This song is sexy depressing when you’re happy. It’s just pathetically depressing when you’re pathetically depressed.

3. “Trust The Man” starring David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Billy Crudup: I watched this movie, actually, the night before I got the break-ing news. It’s about how incredibly emotionally immature and not evolved men are. How true. How not necessary to be reminded.

4. “A Wedding Story”, “A Baby Story”, etc.: Look, I was not a bridezilla. What makes me sad about this break is missing my companion, not the fact that we’re no longer getting married in May. But I still have no desire to revel in strange people’s happiness (unless it is reading the ridiculous announcements in the New York Times Wedding section).

5. “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed: I’m such a sap for this song — it was going to be our first dance tune. I may not have been a bridezilla, but I did have the music all figured out. And now all my favorite songs are tainted. Grr.

6. “The Break Up” starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn: I’m one of the few that loved this movie, mainly because it made me laugh in that, “Haha, this is totally the way me and the fiance would be behave if we ever broke up, but I’m able to laugh about it because, haha, we are NEVER going to break up so it’ll never become a bitter reality!” Oops.

7. Wedding magazines: I had accrued a stack of them and they promptly went in the trash. The sucky part about this is that for some reason, wedding magazines cost more than regular magazines. Why?

8. “Sex and the City: The Movie”: Yeah, convenient that it came out this week on DVD, but you know what? It’s double-y depressing that my life has come to resemble a movie I thought was totally disappointing.

9. “Definitely, Maybe” starring Ryan Reynolds and Isla Fisher: I watched this movie two days before the break. It was actually pretty awesome, but looking back, I don’t think I could watch it now, what with the whole storyline being about how we really don’t know who our soulmate is and we may have to go through many, many almost-soulmates to find the right one, because GOD, I just do not have time or energy for that.

10. Soap Operas: Post-break, I took a few days off of work to regroup. In between naps I watched a lot of daytime TV, but could not stomach my usual soap operas — this is a whole other post in and of itself, but growing up watching soap operas gave me a really weird perspective on the way romantic relationships should be. I thought I was over that, having been in a successful relationship for so long, but this whole situation has made me think, “But remember when Sonny left Brenda at the altar on “General Hospital”? He still LOVED her…” So, for my own sanity, I’m avoiding my soaps for now, because I do not need to be comparing my life to that of a fictional soap opera mobster and his old girlfriend.