Slideshow: The Studs Symphonies Are Made Of

When we picked up Playboy, (hey, we read it for the articles!) we were pleasantly surprised by Too Hot To Handel- a piece on the lovely ladies of classical music. Sure, when you think of orchestras, old dudes with white wigs might come to mind. However, there are a bunch of young guys giving the aging art form an earful and and eyeful! Alas, nothing is sexier than a man who is well trained and good with his hands. We want to make beautiful music together with these modern Mozart’s!

Yevgeny Sudbin This sexy piano player makes us see why people misunderstand the pronunciation of pianist.

Mason Bates Master composer Bates likes to push all the right buttons. Renown for melding live classical instruments with electronic music, he has rocked dance floors in San Francisco and debuted compositions Carnegie Hall, but he has never performed in a traditional monkey suit. Mason definitely makes us want to slip into something more comfortable and join him.

Renaud & Gautier Capucon This hot brother duo is two for the price of one ticket. We’d like to french these Parisian players!

Zuill Bailey He’s a main member of one of the great American threesomes, er, trios. For the chance at some one on one time with this cellist, we’d pull strings to get backstage at his concert.

Colin Currie This pretty boy percussionist has got rhythm and rugged good looks! From drums to the xylophone, we want to make like instruments so he’ll hit on us.

Huang Ruo This Julliard trained Chinese composer is all about chanting and we want to him to give us private vocal training.

Josh Bell A successful recording violinist, Josh Bell isn’t afraid to strokes his instrument with enthusiastic passion. But with those baby blues, it’s clear he could easily play his hordes of lady fans just as well.

Philippe Quint He fled the USSR and if given the chance, we’re sure we could inspire this classical musician to rock a cover “American Woman.”

Jack Liebeck Looks, talent, and a sexy British accent-we hope Jack puts down his violin and picks us up!

Emmanuel Pahud Half Swiss, half French, 100% hot! This flutist makes us want to play the skin kind.