Five Fall Date Ideas

I’m on a dating hiatus right now, but for those of you who enjoy activities for two, the change in seasons brings with it a whole new set of activity options. Lucky for me, they’re also fun with a group of friends, though not quite as romantic.

1. Pick Produce
Apples are all ripe and delicious right now, so find an orchard in your area, gather some fruit, and bake a pie together — he better help.2. Sample Seasonal Beverages
Many brewers produce special Oktoberfest beers, which are extremely tasty (in moderation, of course!). Check to see whether there are any Oktoberfest celebrations in your area, and, if not, hold a own beer tasting in the comfort of your own home, where your bed is located.

3. Take A Hike
Leaves are turning pretty colors right now, and if you go hiking in a forest with your boy and aren’t as fast as him, you will get to look at his butt the entire time.

4. Look At Livestock
The smell of cows probably isn’t a turn-on; however, seeing baby animals might put you in a reproducing kind of mood. Just don’t eat too many cheese curds beforehand.

5. Get Scared
I don’t recommend going to a haunted house with your significant other if you tend to pee your pants when you’re frightened, because that could be embarrassing. If you don’t have this problem though, you’ll get to walk around in the dark holding hands. And aren’t dangerous situations supposed to bring people together?