Fans React To Clay Aiken Coming Out

The biggest entertainment news to break this week is Clay Aiken’s revelation that he is indeed gay. This news really wasn’t surprising to me because my gaydar started beeping the second I first laid eyes on the former “American Idol” contestant. Since many of Clay’s fans didn’t have my intuition and have vehemently denied his homosexuality in the past, I thought it would be interesting to find out exactly what his fans think now. I hope they still remain supportive because it would be really messed up if they shun him for his sexuality.


CLaYsAiKeNfAN: “im still a fan even if the rumors are true , i love clay aiken for who he is and i accept him for him. and im still going to be a true fan no matter what. and wear t-shirts with him on it and show my support from clay aiken. no matter what.hope every one has a nice day.”
heartofclays: “I am not too surprised that Clay is gay. I always thought his biggest concern would be his mother, Faye. I was proud to dance the “mother/son” dance at my son’s wedding to Clay’s song, “Measure of a Man”. I believed both Clay and my son set some of the finest examples of what a true man should be.”
nancyb: “I will always love this guy as an entertainer. He would have been ok if he had been honest earlier in the game- now, I am not sure how I feel about him as a man-not a gay man- just a man.”
1stclayniac: “I never believed Clay was gay even with all the rumors. But then he decided he wanted to be a father. The methods used proved to me he was. However it doesn’t change him at all. He is still one extremely talented guy.”
somanywayswithyoubabe: “ok i still can’t believe he’s gay! I want to hear it from the man himself that he’s gay! PEOPLE MAGAZINE IS FULL OF BULL! Clay if you read this, please tell us if that’s true. if it is, that’s cool.”
sailormars307: “if anyone stops supporting clay because of his sexuality…well they’re not really a fan now are they?”
purplegoddess_58: “Hey all, I am still a fan of Clay!! He is a talented generous giving man! It should not matter to anyone how he chooses to live,as long as he continues to be giving talented and loving!! His son is adorable!”

Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol

User 314: “yes i don’t really understand. i want to see the article and clays words. he’s still the same singer.”
luvclay: “I want an apology for 5 years of belief in something that wasn’t there. I can’t think about it anymore. I can’t show my face at work tomorrow.”
claifan: “yep my jaw dropped when i saw the magazine cover.. then i remembered the comment that kelly clarkson made about him that she will always love him more that any husband she marries that was a really big clue as to his sexuality.”

Obviously, some fans have been in denial for a long time. The good news is the majority of fans don’t seem to have changed their minds about Clay as an entertainer.