“Hot” Is No Longer Hot

Christian Siriano must be pissed. In Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, grammar/language columnist William Safire wrote about the adjective “hot” and how it is falling out of fashion as an indicator of cool. Apparently “Fierce is where it’s at.” Professor Connie Eble at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill took a survey of students and found that fierce no longer means “ferocious,” and has replaced “hot” as the word to use when describing something extremely attractive. Throughout his whole discussion, Safire neglected to share why “fierce” has risen in popularity — through Christian’s use of the word on Project Runway, of course! In our opinion, “fierce” won’t replace “hot” until people of both sexes and all sexual orientations use it. Have you ever heard a straight men say “fierce” in a non-joking manner? [NY Times]