Go Ahead, Name Your Wang!

For as long as penises have existed, guys — and their girlfriends — have bestowed names on their best buds. In fact, I’m pretty sure back in the caveman era, popular dick-names were Harry, Larry and Bob. These days, however, the naming process has gotten a modern twist. A new website, NameYourWang.com, the first and only site devoted to, well, naming one’s wang, now makes it possible to register the name of a penis and receive a “Certificate of Authenticity” of ownership, too. Think of it like the pervy version of naming a star: just as corny, but maybe a bit more tongue-in-cheek, and at $14.50, less than 1/3 the price of cheapest star package. Just in case anyone’s wondering, I checked and “RuPaul” is still available.