10 Reasons We Love…Cloris Leachman

1. She’s the oldest contestant ever on “Dancing With The Stars” and freaking KILLED IT in her first performance last night.
2. She’s a longtime vegetarian. I eat meat (Catherine is a veg, though) but I think it’s kind of awesome that Cloris has been off the animal flesh since before it was cool.
3. Cloris attempted to keep one of our favorite shows of the 1980s alive, by appearing as the replacement den mother on “The Facts Of Life”, after Charlotte Rae’s character, Mrs. Garrett, left the show.
4. She has the Mel Brooks stamp of approval, acting as his muse and starring in three of his films: “Young Frankenstein”, “High Anxiety”, and “History of the World: Party 1″.
5. She has the fiercest pair of legs we’ve ever seen on a senior citizen.
6. She posed naked on the cover of Alternative Medicine Digest in 1997, her skin painted with images of fruit, as a way of mocking that pregnant Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover.
7. She gave a speech at Comedy Central’s “Roast of Bob Saget” and said, “I am not here to roast Bob Saget. I’m here to f–k John Stamos. You heard me pretty boy, I’m to strap on my Oscar and take you on that filthy beanbag chair.”
8. Three words: “School House Rock”.
9. She was best friends with Marlon Brando, yet they never, ever had sex, showing she has serious willpower and restraint.
10. Her Oscar-winning performance in “The Last Picture Show” was groundbreaking.