We See Chick Flicks: My Best Friend’s Girl

Starring Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, Alec Baldwin
While the film “My Best Friend’s Girl” could be easily classified as a typical rom-com judging by the misleading commercials and cheesy poster, its filth factor actually pushes it into the “gross humor” category. And that is what made me love it even more. I cracked up the whole time, but I will forewarn you — Dane Cook haters should not pay the $11 bucks to see this film.

The Lowdown
Good guy Dustin (Biggs) gets dumped by dream girl Alexis (Hudson). In order to win her back, he hires his roommate Tank (Cook) to take her out for a horrible date that will drive her back into Dustin’s arms. Tank’s hobby is acting like an a-hole and makes money off of guys who have screwed it up with their girls — they hire Tank to show women “how bad dating can be.” The plan obviously backfires and Tank and Alexis start to fall for each other.

The Verdict
As I said before, I’m a Dane Cook fan so his hyperactive humor really does it for me. There were a plethora of absolutely gross jokes, mostly from Cook or Alec Baldwin who plays his father, an older womanizer. I was actually in shock at some of the things that came out of the actors’ mouths in this movie. But it ended up being the shock factor made this flick a little less typical than others in its category. I would highly recommend “My Best Friend’s Girl” to anyone who wants a good, dirty laugh, but also needs their rom-coms to have a happy ending. Plus, maybe I’m crazy, but doesn’t Baldwin — who just won an Emmy for his role on “30 Rock” — give any movie a little credibility?