The Daily Squeeze: Sexism And Money, Discrimination, And The New James Bond

  • Men who have sexist attitudes earn more money than men who don’t. []
  • A former Army Special Forces commander won a discrimination lawsuit on Friday — he was skipped over for a job while he was in the process of becoming a woman in 2005. [AP]
  • James Bond doesn’t say his usual catchphrases in Quantum of Solace, because the film’s director and producers felt that “The name Bond, James Bond” seemed a little old-fashioned. [WENN]

  • If you’re curious about what happens to a relationship when it’s been going for 20 years, read Maggie Scarf’s book September Songs: The Good News About Marriage in the Later Years. [NY Times]
  • Actress Dana Delaney turned down the role of Carrie on Sex in the City. [WENN]
  • Girls aren’t the only ones who gossip and spread rumors. A new study of high school students found that boys are also socially aggressive. [LiveScience]