The New York Times Wedding Announcements Are Amazing

I love to read the wedding section in The New York Times — it truly is the sports section for women, or the sports section for people with an interest in giggling over the cheesiness of strange couples and schmaltzy writing. Take the wedding announcement for the lovely couple, Tess Taylor and Taylor Schreiner (ZOMG, what if he took HER last name?), which had numerous passages that gave me a good guffaw today:

“Her family has a ramshackle seaside cottage in Maine filled with water-stained furniture and damp books whose pages fall out as easily as the leaves of an overcooked artichoke.”

Oof, descriptive!

“A few weeks later, he flew to Boston, and they drove to Maine to her family’s cottage. ‘The heat and water were off,’ she said. ‘But the sky was wonderful and lavender.’ They boiled water to wash dishes, discovering that they share an affinity for chores.”

I have to say, an affinity for chores may not seem like much of a mating call for a lot of people, but this seems practical to me.

Once, while walking on the beach in San Francisco, they stopped to analyze a particularly pretty cluster of shells, with one yellow stone at the center. ‘We decided the yellow stone brought all the beauty to the arrangement,’ Ms. Taylor said. In November 2006, 11 months after they met, he gave her a ring box — with the yellow stone inside. ‘I told her, ‘You are my yellow stone,’’ he remembered. Then, magician-like, he opened his other hand, which held an engagement ring. She accepted, though she does not think of him as her yellow stone. Instead, she said, ‘He is a piece of sun-warmed granite I can lean my back against.'”

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