Slideshow: Sarah Palin & Other Tanorexic Stars

When I heard that VP-nominee Sarah Palin installed a tanning bed in the Governor’s Mansion in Alaska, I was simultaneously amused and appalled. But Palin isn’t alone. There are tons of celebrities who are STILL fans of visiting the tanning salon despite all the research which shows how dangerous the practice is — of course, some of them do indulge in the much safer spray-tanning craze, as well. Either way, the color their skin turns is hardly what you’d consider…flattering or particularly natural and healthy-looking. Check out the color samples above — those are the actual skin colors of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton — with the imaginary names I’d give them if they actually bottled it in fake tanner formula. Check out all the celebrities with an obsession for having a bronze glow, after the jump… Back in the day, when I was a college student in California, I was a total tanorexic. My friend worked at a tanning salon and got me completely addicted to weekend fake-n-bake sessions with nothing but Beach Bum Rum tanning lotion to protect my virgin skin from harmful UV-rays. I’ve since learned my lesson about tanning (at least in a coffin-like contraption) and so has Palin’s running mate, John McCain. He suffered from skin cancer in 1993 and again in 2000 and has since become an avid supporter of using a high-SPF sunscreen. Perhaps he should have a sit down with Palin before the subject comes up at one of the forthcoming debates.