Top Ten Reasons You Should Date Wall Street Guys Now

The other day, we mentioned guys who work on Wall Street are having a hard time — on the job and on the dating scene. If you’re the kind of woman would have blown off the financial type in the past, we’ve got ten good reasons why you should consider giving them a chance now.1. You can blow his year-end bonus on two-for-one date night at Applebee’s.
2. His bruised ego will make him more amenable to your terms when it comes to your nightly merger.
3. He can sign for your packages while you’re at work and recap “The View.”
4. Need a date for a wedding? He’ll be dying for a chance to wear his Ermenegildo Zegna suit.
5. Sexually, he’ll be interested in exploring new things. He used to love junk bonds. Now, he’ll want his junk in bondage.
6. With no money for Cohiba cigars and daily lunches at Morton’s Steak House, his heart might actually make it to 50.
7. He’ll bring you home free turkey wraps after his shift ends at Subway.
8. He’ll understand the importance of your mutual funds.
9. No more work excuses about why he can’t go thrifting on the weekends.
10. He’s done with hedge funds. It’s time for bush fun!