How To Go Goth

When I was in high school, the kids who wore the same three colors every day — black, dark black, and darker black — were the freaks. They had piercings everywhere, listened to Marilyn Manson, and smoked cigarettes in the parking lot during pep rallies. But right now, Wednesday Adams and her gang are having their day in the sun — while keepin’ it pale — as the fashion world recommends going goth this season. After all, black is a slimming color.

  • Don’t apply black lipstick if you plan on making out with anybody. Your lips will look the opposite of kissable. Even Rachel McAdams couldn’t pull it off. Try a deep, dark red, like MAC’s Film Noir, and you’ll appear less like a corpse and more like a vamp.
  • For polish, paint your nails with OPI’s purplish-black Lincoln Park After Dark. Do Essie’s dark silver Over The Top on short nails. Try a rebel French manicure with Chanel’s Black Satin and Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Teal.
  • Goths do not tan. Avoid the sun, self-tanner, and bronzer. Apply copious amounts of SPF 45.

  • Despite their reputation as hooker hosiery, fishnets can be classy. Do not pair with a miniskirt, unless you want guys asking you your hourly rate.
  • Even goths wear a little color sometimes. Pair all-black with shoes that pop, like blogger Betty and her teal boots.
  • Leave your pearls at home and accessorize with a leather studded cuff that won’t have people thinking you shop at Hot Topic.