Interview With A Call Girl Blogger

Frisky favorite Refinery29 has an interview with Frisky friend and call girl blogger Debauchette. These days, call girls are the new black. From the Spitzer scandal to “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star’s call girl HBO show in the making, America can’t get enough when it comes to the secret lives of 21st century courtesans. And Debauchette is one of our favorites. Smart, sexy, and savvy, she exposes the complexities of high-end sex work with unprecedented candor. In the interview, she recounts her journey from a Northern California childhood to graduate school to fetish model to erotic provider. So, what’s a courtesan? Debauchette reveals: “If you call for an escort, she’ll show up, you’ll exchange small talk, you’ll have a sexual encounter, and then she’ll leave. Courtesans work differently. There’s usually a lengthy screening or introduction process, and since most client relationships are long-term, courtesans are generally paid for larger blocks of time, sometimes with a retainer. The relationships themselves can be fairly substantial, or have the illusion of substance, and since each client is time-consuming, courtesans tend to keep their client bases small. From a client’s perspective, a courtesan is ideal if he wants to minimize risk, or if he’s seeking an ongoing sexual relationship without any romantic commitment. The financial stability is great, and if you fear marriage like I do, it’s good. But there are negatives, and I always feel obliged to stress the negatives when I describe this work. For one, you’re always on. You can’t feel bloated or tired or jetlagged, and you don’t have much time to yourself. The relationships tend to be very one-sided because you’re paid to be an excellent girlfriend, not a real girlfriend, and excellent girlfriends don’t unload their personal baggage. Since you’re expected to adapt to your clients’ schedules, it’s difficult to have a life of your own, let alone a career of your own. Your identity can become malleable. You worry about being discovered. And you are, by your nature, disposable.”

If Debauchette’s life was a movie, we’d watch it.