The Daily Squeeze: Drinking Green, Lindsay Lohan’s New Company, And Educated Sex Workers

  • How do you stay “green” when you’re out on the town? Order a mixed drink; they require less energy than blended ones. No more Daiquiris for you. [LiveScience]
  • Lindsay Lohan is launching a company called Stay Gold. Right now, they’re developing a self-tanner and a line of leggings. As if one leggings line from LiLo wasn’t enough. []
  • A new group of high-price sex workers is emerging in India, mainly consisting of educated, middle-class women. [Medical News Today]
  • Stars have said some pretty crazy things about sex, and Naughty Wit has compiled a slew, including Rod Stewart on monogamy: “There’s still plenty of lead in this pencil but I only write to one person now.” [Times of India]
  • One in five men worry about their physiques. Guys: They’re just like us! [The Times, U.K.]