Project Runway: Don’t Mess With Tim Gunn!

Was anyone else as horrified by Kenley’s behavior on last night’s episode of “Project Runway” as I was? I mean, forget her incredible rudeness when she laughed at poor Joe’s design on the runway, or the unbearable narcissism she displayed in being paired with a mini-her of a client whom she could easily mold into whatever she wanted. Kenley dared to do the absolute unthinkable. Girlfriend disrespected Tim Gunn. Tim’s my boy. Tim’s your boy, too, I know. Tim belongs to all of us who loves us some “Project Runway,” and the last thing we want to see is some one-note wonder dissing on our boy. Right now, I don’t care that her design was obviously better than those of Suede and Joe, the latter of which was sent packing last night. I wanted Kenley o-u-t. The only saving grace in her sticking around is the promise for some fireworks on next week’s episode. You know everyone else is as sick of her as we are, and it can’t be too long before someone goes off on her. I’m making extra popcorn, just in case.

On the other side of the spectrum last night, there was Jerrell, who grows on me more and more every week. Since that ghastly Little Bo Peep incident a few weeks back, he’s evolved as a designer, winning two challenges in a row, and I covet his chic, sexy looks, even if those high-waists are pretty unwearable for anyone who eats lunch, like, ever. Not only are his designs improving by leaps and bounds, but he’s won me over as the most likable contestant this season — from his ugly-funny hats to his quirky little quips (“It’s a treat!”) to the way he embraces his own geekily lovable awkwardness. His designs may lack the consistency of Leanne’s or Korto’s, but for his likability, if he can pull it together, focus, and keep churning out the types of outfits we’ve seen from him for the last two weeks, I think he could take the title.

Of course, he’ll have to fight the remaining women for the top spot. Joe’s clichéd, unflattering, poorly-tailored business suit got him booted, and Suede is next, I think, if for no reason other than everyone is so sick to death of hearing him refer to himself in the third person, like he’s some kind of eclectic, vintage Chanel-wearing, 80-year-old senile socialite from Boca Raton. Suede needs to tell Suede that Suede’s really got to go. Korto, on the other hand, is a serious contender. She’s got it down when it comes to staying true to her ethnic-themed, over-the-top color, bold looks. And Leanne’s no slouch either. Actually, she does slouch, but her clothes don’t. I think her misstep in sticking a petite girl in a cropped jacket could push her to greater fashion heights than we’ve seen from her yet. But fashion-talk aside, I’m hoping for an all-out fistfight between Kenley and Suede next week, that’ll decide who’s going home, followed by a sudden, last-minute decision from the judges to get rid of both of them. I can always dream, can’t I?