What It Feels Like For A Girl: When The Other Woman Is A Sex Doll

A long time ago, I dated this guy who was a celebrity. He had his own TV show. You probably know who he is. But let’s not go there, shall we? At the end of our first date, he took me to his house in the Hollywood Hills. When I walked in the door, I found there were four life-sized, anatomically correct sex dolls sitting around on the furniture. They were RealDolls. They cost several thousand dollars a piece. Some of them were dressed. Some of them were not. It was kind of awkward. While he went in the kitchen to get a beer, I sat next to one of the dolls. She was cold and clammy. I pulled at her tongue, and it came out in my hand. I wondered what he saw in them. Ultimately, our relationship was short-lived. Maybe he preferred inanimate objects to me. Today, after I read this report about a sex doll who was thrown away by the side of the road, I wondered whatever happened to those love dolls.