Five Things You Might Not Know About Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus’ New BF

Last Sunday, Miley Cyrus went to church with her family and a hot new dude. Now, everyone’s talking about model/aspiring singer Justin Gaston, and whether he is or isn’t Miley’s new boyfriend. One thing’s for sure, though. He’s afraid of spiders. Who can have a relationship with a man who can’t even kill bugs around the house?

  • Justin appears in the music video for Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” In it, he wears a period costume, which means he can play a range of characters: old-fashioned heartthrob and modern-day heartthrob.
  • He’s modeled for Diesel, Gianfranco Ferre, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Baby’s got a six-pack.
  • He was a contestant on the last season of “Nashville Star,” a reality show hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus. Never hurts to be in with the judges.
  • If someone made a movie about his life, he’d want Ashton Kutcher to play him. One thing’s for sure. Miley won’t be playing his Demi Moore.
  • Justin’s 20 years old, Miley is 15. He can’t drink yet, she can’t drive yet. But together, they can conquer the world! Or at least the female 8 to 15 demographic.