The Frisky’s Top Five Favorite Home Decor Blogs

I moved into my apartment six months ago. I have yet to hang a picture on the wall. I’m afraid of messing up! To get inspired and motivated, I’ve been reading home style blogs galore. If you’re experiencing home decorating anxiety like me, these fabulous five blogs will make you want to buy throw pillows, paint your bathroom, and — gulp — maybe even hang a picture on the wall.

Bed Bath & Beyond stresses me out, and I really don’t want the same fish shower curtain or striped rug that everyone else has already. Whorange picks out whimsical products and cool artwork that’ll help you avoid BBB and the tired product lines of mass-market retailers.

Twenty Twenty-One
Mostly, my home furnishings consists of hand-me-downs and flea market finds, but a girl can dream about owning a mid-century modern chair, can’t she? At Twenty Twenty-One, blogger Christie posts photos from magazines like Domino for design inspirations. Now I want a Crayola green kitchen.
Sometimes, you just need to look at pretty pictures. Emily browses Flickr and posts photos from stylishly furnished homes, along with playful prints that won’t cost you a pretty penny. After all, I know I’m not going to be hanging a Van Gogh in my apartment, well, anytime soon.

Oh Joy!
Whenever I need a present for a stylish friend, I visit Oh Joy! A mix of decor, fashion, and art, this colorfully eclectic blog inspires, illuminates, and sates my decor desires.

I don’t have a kid, and I don’t plan on having one for a long while, but parenting magazine Cookie’s Nesting blog features amazing photos of real people’s homes and DIY renovation projects. What I like is seeing how others put together furniture and accessories that they’ve assembled over the years. Because no one can do it on their own or overnight.