The Daily Squeeze: TRL Says Goodbye, Hot Actors On TV, And Obama Waffles

  • So long, TRL. After 10 years, MTV’s Total Request Live is going off the air. We’re nostalgic for the Carson Daly who had an earring and wore beaded necklaces. [Variety]
  • Why are prominent movie actors like Selma Blair, Simon Baker, and Christian Slater all starring in TV shows this fall? $$$$. [E Online]
  • Obama waffles really do exist. Perhaps McCain French toast and Palin Pop Tarts are next? [Obama Waffles]
  • The Water Club, a luxury hotel in Atlantic City, offers something called “The Passion Kit” to their guests. It includes condoms and other intimate products, and if you pick it up, you have to put it back on the shelf within 60 seconds or else you’ll automatically be charged. Since the hotel opened in June, they’ve sold 1,500 Passion Kits at $18 a pop. We think this is less about people wanting to use the kits and more because of the weird 60-second rule. [ABC News]