Girl Talk: I Love Testosterone TV

The boys are back in town! The guys of “Entourage,” that is. I’ve spent the last two Sundays demanding silence at ten o’clock. What can I say? I love testosterone TV. So why does a girly girl like me, who watches “Gossip Girl” and “90210,” have so much love for “bros before hos” shows? Find out after the jump. A Girl Needs A Little Testosterone Boost In Her Estrogen-Filled Life Sometimes I like to watch programs that don’t bash men for their cheating ways, their wandering eyes, their general boyishness. Give me a show where I can see the other side of things. I want to know if guys have the same insecurities and worries as women. We are from the same planet, after all.

I Like The Raw Humor Network TV doesn’t cut it. The editing, the censoring — it’s not for me. Between Turtle’s obsession with watching pornography and obsessing over getting laid (congrats on finally snagging some boo-tay in the premiere, kid), Johnny Drama’s insane insecurities about his calves and the right side of his face, and pretty much everything that comes out of Ari’s dirty mouth, testosterone TV provides the gut-wrenching humor and hilarious one-liners you can’t get anywhere else, period.

Brutal Honesty Rules Another male show that I’ve added to my DVR repertoire is “Californication.” Last season, I fell in love with David Duchovny’s Hank Moody. This is a complex show about a complex guy. After a while, you start to feel sympathetic for the pervert. In the end, like all men, he is who he is.

As long as guy TV continues to entertain a girl like me, I’ll be hanging with the boys.