The Top Five Most Memorable Moments In TRL History

This November, MTV’s “Total Request Live” is going on “hiatus,” after 10 years of celebrity appearances, musical performances, and screaming fans. Even though I haven’t watched the show in years, I’m strangely sad about the news. This was the show I raced home from school to watch! When I was younger, my mother didn’t like me watching MTV, so I would have to be really sneaky and flip to another channel if she came into the living room.

Since it was live (hence the “L”), a lot of crazy stuff went down at MTV’s Times Square studios. Check out our favorite moments on the music video countdown show — and share yours in the comments!

  • In 2001, Mariah Carey showed up to TRL wearing only an over-sized T-shirt that said “Loverboy” and a pair of heels, while pushing an ice cream cart. Then, she stripped off her shirt to reveal gold go-go shorts and a green “Supergirl” halter. “You’re my therapy session right now, Carson,” she declared. “Every now and then somebody need a little therapy, and today is that moment for me.” She didn’t really make much sense, and shortly after the surprise TRL appearance, she actually suffered a physical and emotional breakdown and checked into a hospital. Apparently, “Carson therapy” wasn’t enough.
  • Usher stopped by TRL to promote his album Here I Stand earlier this year, and while there denied rumors that he and wife, Tameka Foster, were splitting. Usher got in the camera’s face when he said, “My wife is not 40-years-old. I love her to death, and I’m a black, strong man in America standing up for my people — as a man to my wife, to my son, to my family. I’m making a stand that a lot of us should make. I coulda been like any other man who has a child and live with that woman and continue to just play the game. … I’m trying to do it the right way. This is the way you’re supposed to do it! Pay attention, fellas.”
  • When the Backstreet Boys appeared on the show in 1998, the police had to shut down Times Square because so many fans had flocked there to see the overly groomed boy group. We’re still waiting for the Jonas Brothers to do this.
  • Like Mariah, Robin Williams had a celebrity crazy moment on the show. When Daly asked if the actor would like to work with Britney Spears, the comedian answered, “Britney Spears, I’m a virgin! Yeah! Michael Jackson is a father, move, move on. Virgin! Virgin! Ahhhh! Bad virgin! Virgin! Okay.”
  • When Daly left in 2003, MTV should have canceled the show. Obviously, none of the new VJs were up to par. There were always at least two hosting at a time. Of course, that would have met that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo might never have met, and we’re big supporters of true love on live TV.