Prada’s New Animated Short Film for Fall 2008

These days, fashion companies are always trying to outdo each other with innovative new ways to present their clothing lines and their “visions” for their collections. Last spring, Prada released “Trembled Blossoms,” a four-minute animated short with music by CocoRosie. This season, they’re continuing this artsy-fartsy way of presenting clothes for their lace-based Fall 2008 collection. Created and directed by James Lima, “Fallen Shadows” debuted last week and features a new song by Antony and the Johnsons that won’t be featured on any upcoming album. The short doesn’t really have a plot, per se, but virtual women in black lace visit a church, wander past an aquarium, and dance with an enormous, um, protractor. The animation reminds me of that computer game Myst. It’s pretty cool. Download the high-res version of the film on Prada’s website.