The Frisky’s Top Five HILF’s

The Frisky is chock full of fag hags who understand boys will be boys, and in some cases, those boys will be gay. But even if these guys love to love men, we just can’t stop wanting to love them. So in honor of all the gorgeous gay gents who love to tease us, here are The Frisky’s Top Five HILF’s (Homosexuals We’d Like To F–k).

5. Neil Patrick Harris: Le geek c’est chic! The former child star of Doogie Houser, MD is all grown up and gay. NPH has buffed up and achieved cult status as the recurring hero in the buddy movie series, Harold and Kumar. Mmm, wouldn’t you like to get piled up in a Monday Menage with those three guys?

4. Thomas Roberts: This out former CNN and The Insider anchorman is hotter than the story tips he follows. Even though he won’t spread our legs, he does a very sexy job of spreading the news.

3. Andrew Goldstein: Tall, dark, and handsome, it’s too bad this All-American lacrosse athlete spends so much time covered by his goalie gear. The first NCAA Division 1 athlete to come out of the closet, he was totally supported by his Dartmouth teammates as he lead them to victory. Even though this smarty pants plays for the other team, we wish he wanted to skillfully use his stick on us.

2. Kele Okereke: Fun and fabulous, the British Bloc Party front man will get you to bust a move. And we have just one thing to say to the Daily Hotness alum — you (indie) rock our world!

1. Tom Ford The former head of the Gucci fashion house, Ford has been even more provocative as the head of his own label. Best of all, he’s not afraid to get as naked as his models for a steamy shower scene in Out magazine. And hey, there’s hope ladies- this gay stallion with great genes is looking for a baby mama!

Honorable Mentions: Photographer David La Chapelle, comedian and talk show host Graham Norton, fashionista Carson Kressley, writer David Sedaris, and musician Rufus Wainwright.