Will Solve Your Relationship’s Biggest Arguments!

When I heard about, I was instantly psyched — a website where you can lay out your side of an argument and then have your foe argue theirs, the winner to be decided by a jury of anonymous readers on the internet? Sweet! For starters, using the site as a reader is hilarious. Currently, these five arguments jumped out at me:

1. Is My Boyfriend Calling Another Girl (Who’s Cute) Considered Cheating?
2. A Couple Is Not On Same Page When It Comes To Having Sex — Who’s To Blame?
3. She Dumped Me Because I Played A Prank On Her — Was She Over-Reacting?
4. My Husband Never Flushes The Toilet — I Say He’s Lazy, He Says He’s Cheap
5. My Girlfriend Is Gaining Weight — Should She Have To Lose A Few Pounds?

Yeah, see what I mean? Awesome. So, anxious to try the service out, I tried to think of a good fight the fiance and I have had — we have little tiffs, though, not big, long-lasting disagreements, so the only thing I could come up with is our ongoing “discussion” about whether our dog should be in our wedding. He says no, I say yes. The problem is, the last time we “discussed” it, he got very pissy. So I didn’t feel like bringing it up again, even if just for research purposes. So I posted both sides of the argument myself, to see how users of Sidetaker would vote — I made a serious effort to tell his side fairly, so I think the winner is up for grabs (so far he is winning). Weigh in yourself or start posting yourself! [Sidetaker]