Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Stash

What’s a woman who has been dead for over 40 years doing on the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair? Well, when the lady in question is Marilyn Monroe, it’s no wonder the ultimate sex symbol is still making it as a cover girl from the grave. Her case has been reopened — or rather, her filing cabinets. After Frank Sinatra insisted she keep her affairs in order, Miss Monroe began storing her mementos in two not-so-glamourous metal office drawers which have just been recovered. And both the business and company she keep are fascinating! More info on what was inside, after the jump…These 586 previously unseen objects range from the beautiful, to the ballsy, to even books! They reveal that Marilyn was not just a woman of impeccable glamour in public, but also a compassionate mother, daughter, and wife in private. In her secret stash, she saved many a gem — letters she wrote to her ex-stepson (from when she was married to Arthur Miller) right alongside her gold and rhinestone encrusted purse. She also kept a lot of secrets about her mother’s mental illness and her own nerdy interests. While everyone knows she collected baubles from her beaus, she also had meticulously geeky collections of stamps and coins. To get a look at each morsel in her goodie bag, go to Our favorite find was a typed thank you letter she sent to the German Consulate General which read: “Dear Mr. von Fuehlsdorff, Thank you for your champagne. It arrived, I drank it, and I was gayer. My best, Marilyn Monroe.” What a woman! Even after all these years, Miss Monroe is clearly someone who can still be admired, from her mannerisms to her manners. [Vanity Fair]