Texting Can Lead To Embarrassment Or Jail Time

Texting is a definite advantage in communication. You can tell people exactly what you want to say without actually speaking to them. You can send random photos to friends to make them laugh. And you can totally flirt with your guy or gal on the sly. But flirting is also a danger of texting, just look at all the trouble Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has gotten into. Earlier this year, the Detroit Free Press released snippets from more than 14,000 texts that revealed a secret relationship between Kilpatrick and his former top aide, Christine Beatty. The racy texts were sent to Beatty’s city-provided pager in 2002 and 2003. One of Kilpatrick’s texts sent to Beatty said, “I’m madly in love with you.” Last year, both Kilpatrick and Beatty testified during a “whistle-blower” trial that they didn’t have a relationship. Now Kilpatrick faces felony charges, including perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice for trying to hide the extra-marital affair. [LA Times]

Americans aren’t the only ones to experience embarrassment or face jail time from texting. A Scottish man, Christopher Walker, plead guilty to breach of peace after he sent an indecent video of himself to a woman’s cell phone. He originally claimed to have dialed the wrong number. Sentence was deferred, but Walker has been placed on a sex offender’s register. [BBC]