Project Runway: Designers Get What They Deserve

Looks We Hated [From Left to Right]: Kenley’s Mother of the Corpse Bride; Blayne’s Circus Freak Hideousness; Suede’s Genie In a Bottle; Terri’s Ease On Off The Runway Costume

This week on Project Runway, the designers were partnered with season five’s eliminated contestants and were challenged to create an avant-garde look based on the zodiac. Once Tim specified that the designs had to be based on the zodiac, I knew they would either be hot, stinking, costume-y messes or chances for the designers to really shine. I was disappointed by half of them.

Looks We Loved [From Left to Right]: Jerell’s fashion-forward schoolmarm; Leanne is the New Exo-Exo; Korto’s Aquarius Grecian Goddess; Joe’s Ballroom Fight

Kenley’s outfit looked like something straight out of The Corpse Bride, but she insisted it was based on the strong and progressive spirit of the Aquarius. The only avant-garde aspect was the over-exaggeration of the shoulders, that is unless you count using purple plaid, pleather, yellow tulle and a floral fabric together as avant-garde. She was rather confident and self-assured, which really annoyed Leanne, who rolled her eyes and spoke in hushed tones with her partner Emily about Kenley. Kenley tried to act big when she said she hates when people talk smack behind her back. But she basically did the same thing because she was too chicken to say it to Leanne. Now I don’t think Leanne would have even entertained the notion of arguing with Kenley, but it would have been more entertaining to see Leanne kick Kenley’s butt World of Warcraft-style. (I suspect Leanne’s a gamer, but if she was addicted to War crack, she would never design anything. But anyway…) Kenley dismissed Tim’s concerns and even talked back to the judges during panel. I guess since overly defending her dress worked for her during the DVF judging, she thought she’d try it again. She wasn’t eliminated, but she’s definitely on the judges ish list.

Like Kenley, Terri also let a hot, stinking mess of a costume go down the runway. Her design was inspired by the Leo, but it looked like the Lion from The Wiz in drag. After receiving criticism from past season contestants (I guess they really don’t have anything else to do.), Terri replaced her fur collar with this orange and red shawl thing, which didn’t make it any better. Her outfit was hideous to begin with, but at least the fur collar screamed Leo. She proved she’s unable to work in a team on this challenge. She was partnered with Keith and from the very beginning, she showed her feelings about his personality, designs and skill. She dismissed his input and even said all he could do was “count the pins that fall on the floor.” Keith ended up quitting all together and took a nap in the break room. I don’t agree with quitting, but I understand why he did it. In the end, she was eliminated. And I think she got what she deserved because she’s a bitter sore loser, whose run-of-the-mall designs hide behind exquisite construction. However, I think Suede should have been given his walking papers way before Terri.

Blayne was also booted from the competition. He worked with Stella on a circus freak, nude granny pantie unitard, cotton candy hideousness. He tried to justify his Libra design by saying it was the manifestation of imbalance, but neither Tim nor the judges bought it. Michael Kors said it looked like the model was “pooping fabric.” When Michael uses the word “poop” when describing your garment, you know an auf’d is coming, just like Stella should have known his comment about her pants’ crotch would mean she was eliminated. Blayne should have been kicked off a long time ago, but I guess his tanorexic self was good for TV.

In a startling turn of events, Jerell, whose designs have been basically ignored by the judges, won last night. Thankfully, he ignored Tim’s critique that his skirt looked a little schoolmarm-ish. I love how the hips of the skirt are exaggerated, but are still flattering. And the jacket and blouse look totally wearable. The overall styling reminded me of Helena Bonham Carter on a good day. I guess avant-garde conjures images of Tim Burton’s movies.

Of course I loved Leanne’s dress, which represented the exoskeleton of a scorpion. And you know my girl Korto pulled off another stunner with her Aquarius Grecian goddess. These two will definitely make it into the final three. I also liked Joe’s gown and styling, which made me think his model got into a fight at a ball, but made sure not to mess up her couture. But I’m surprised Joe is still around because his designs are usually hit or miss. Who are your picks for the final three? Let us know in the comments.