Crave: Topshop Maisie Satin Frill T-bar Ballet

The t-bar on these ballet flats gives them an old-school Mary Jane vibe, but the satin ruffles totally sex them up. You will live in these shoes because they can be worn with jeans, a T-shirt and a cardigan, but can also be dressed up with a pleated skirt and tie-neck blouse. The feminine details on these shoes aren’t the only things that make them special–they’re available on the Topshop’s U.S. website, which launched this week. [$50, Topshop]

Read our impressions of Topshop’s U.S. website after the jump. We’ve been excited about the launch of this website since we heard about it. Now people in the U.S. can buy the always popular and stylish offerings from this British company, instead of just reading about it in the Shopaholic books or British Vogue. The site has some really great clothes, shoes and accessories, but I do have some…er…improvements. First and foremost, Topshop should use American lingo to describe the clothing. After watching season after season of Absolutely Fabulous, reading about Becky Bloomwood and conversing with my British cousins, I get some British speak, but I’m in no way fluent. What exactly is “cunky popper fastening,” which was used in the description of a great angora coat by Kate Moss? And speaking of the descriptions, they should be more informative. Two lines of info is not enough. Third, the site is practically devoid of models, except for Kate modeling her own line. It’s much easier to determine a garment’s fit when someone is actually wearing it.