The Top Ten Chick Flicks He’ll Like

Women love movies. Dudes love movies too. Unfortunately, women and men don’t always love the same movies — that’s why we once vetoed a dude because he couldn’t see the cinematic power of Fear. When you’ve got a boyfriend or even when you’re just going on a date with someone new, going to the cinema necessitates negotiation. You want emotions and romance and hot guys, he wants explosions, and blood, and protruding limbs. You want Reese Witherspoon, he wants Bruce Willis. 27 Dresses sounds awesome, 28 Days Later not so much.

Now be honest, how many times have you been talked into seeing a movie that ends with an epic battle where the hero’s head comes flying off at the sharp edge of a masculine sword? If the answer to that question is anything other than “zero,” you need our help in choosing chick flicks he’ll actually like.

Lucky for you, we’ve assembled an amazing list of compromises: 10 chick flicks your dude will totally like. We understand all the elements that make up a great movie: a compelling story, some humor, and a hot person or, you know, five. But before that, start off with Ask Men’s Top Ten Guy Movies Women Will Like. You can opt for one of their’s next movie night, or you could skip the blood and guts fest and give HIM a lesson in film appreciation with these chick flicks he’ll have a hard-on for, after the jump…

NO. 10 When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally meet when they graduate from the University of Chicago and share a car trip to New York and seem to hate each other. Over the years, Harry and Sally run into each other and eventually become friends, then realize they have even deeper feelings for each other.
Why You’ll Love It: Sigh, what’s not to love about the scene where Harry and Sally finally get together on New Year’s. Romance is alive! And who doesn’t love a fake orgasm? Oh, right, faking it sucks.
Why He’ll Like It: Meg Ryan’s amazing fake orgasm scene will show him that maybe he shouldn’t be too proud of his, ahem, abilities.

NO. 9 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly is a New York girl about town with the goal of marrying rich. When her new neighbor, Paul Varjac, falls for her (and she for him), she tries to run away from the relationship.
Why You’ll Love It: Well, besides her amazing outfits, the last scene, where Holly and Paul, aka Fred, kiss in the rain is pretty dreamy. Who cares if the ending is nothing like Truman Capote’s book?
Why He’ll Like It: Holly and Paul are actually criminals! Well, they steal from a five-and-dime, so it’s petty theft, but still.

NO. 8 Once

Two musicians in Dublin meet and make beautiful music together, but one is married with a child.
Why You’ll Love It: When the girl drags her vacuum cleaner all across town so the guy can fix it. Cuteness.
Why He’ll Like It: All of the music — the male lead wrote it, which means it can’t be that terribly girly. After all, he does have a beard.

NO. 7 Amélie

Amélie, a waitress who watches and fiddles with other people’s lives instead of attending to her own, falls in love with a stranger but can’t tell him how she feels. She sends him on a complicated scavenger hunt instead of introducing herself when he comes into the cafe.
Why You’ll Love It: Because we all love playing games, and Amélie is a master.
Why’ll He’ll Like It: Well, Audrey Tautou is gorgeous, and her character, Amélie, is clever and quirky — all lovable traits.

NO. 6 Say Anything

Lloyd Dobler, a nice underachiever, is in love with Diane Court, the valedictorian of his high school class. After they graduate, he calls her up and they start going out, but her father thinks he’s distracting Diane and the two continue to hang out, but only as friends, with Lloyd doing everything he can to win Diane’s heart.
Why You’ll Love It: Lloyd comes to the nursing home to introduce the day’s movie even though he doesn’t like old people.
Why He’ll Like It: Because it shows that, from time to time, persistence can really pay off.

NO. 5 The Break Up

When a couple’s relationship hits the skids, the process of their breakup becomes a long, drawn out, hilarious affair — from selling their apartment to seeing new people, the downfall of this once perfect couple is frighteningly accurate.
Why You’ll Love It: Aesthetically, this movie is SO pleasing Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous, her clothing is enviable, the apartment she shares with Vince Vaughn is amazing, and he’s, as usual, totally endearing/infuriating. This movie reminded us so much of real life that although it makes us kind of paranoid of what a bad breakup can be like, it also makes you laugh like you’re in on an inside joke.
Why He’ll Like It: Besides showing him what NOT to do during a breakup to get on your bad side (and, frankly, what not to do if he doesn’t want a breakup to occur in the first place), Vince Vaughn plays his usual funny self — i.e. the archetype of the typical Peter Pan guy. In other words, dudes will love him. Plus, you get a nice long look at Aniston’s insanely hot ass.

NO. 4 Legends Of The Fall

The epic tale of three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of America in the 1900s, the tear soaking drama shows how their lives are affected by nature, history, war, and love.
Why You’ll Love It: Everything is BIG in this film — the romance is heartbreaking, the war scenes are thrilling, and, oh yeah, Brad Pitt is so hot in this movie, we had sex dreams about him for a year as a result.
Why He’ll Like It: The acting chops of Anthony Hopkins give the movie gravitas, Julia Ormand plays a sexy heroine, the war scenes are bloody and violent in addition to thrilling, and, um, Pitt wrestles a bear. Don’t all guys like bear wresting?

NO. 3 The Notebook

Based on a book by Nicolas Sparks (he’s one of those guys whose books sell at the grocery store), the story is narrated by an old man, telling his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, their love story — two young lovers initially kept apart by war and class, but who keep the fire burning through letters written back and forth over the course of their separation.
Why You’ll Love It: Both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are fantastic actors on their own, but the fact that they met and fell in love (and then broke up and got back together, just like in the movie!!!) while shooting this film makes the love story all the more real. And Gosling will make your loins burn, in that good way.
Why He’ll Like It: There is a really, really hot sex scene, and there’s no quicker way to get into a girl’s pants than by getting frisky with her after the credits roll on this film. Seriously.

NO. 2 Thelma & Louise

An Arkansas waitress and a housewife shoot a rapist and take off in a ’66 Thunderbird, evading police and taking up with a hot cowboy, eventually (spoiler alert!) taking their own lives in the awesomest and most bad ass suicide scene ever.
Why You’ll Love It: It’s the ultimate female empowerment film, about women developing strong female bonds and friendship, standing up for their rights and defending themselves against sexism and violence, and exposing the freeing power of sex with Brad Pitt, in one of his first big screen roles.
Why He’ll Like It: Car chases, hot sex, and the smokingly MILF-like Geena Davis. It’s like Road Trip, only with hot, strong women.

NO. 1 There’s Something About Mary

This rom-com is the Farrelly Brothers first film and boy, was it a hit at the box office. With good reason too; while its plot may seem like generic chick flick fare — boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl lose touch, girl falls in love with big shot, boy tries to win girl back — the hysterical script and outrageous hijinks make it oh-so-much-more.
Why You’ll Love It: At the heart of this movie is a true John Hughes love story — a nerdy guy in love with the hot girl in school. He grows up and does what it takes to win her heart. Aww! Plus, its hilarious and unique humor proves being funny is NOT just exclusive to guy films. Judd Aptow would be flipping burgers if not for the Farrelly Bros.
Why He’ll Like It: It’ll leave him in stitches — every scene, from Ben Stiller getting his ball sack stuck in his zipper, to Cameron Diaz’s Mary accidentally styling her hair with man fluids, is a guy’s gross out movie wet dream. Oh yeah, and Brett Favre makes an appearance! Yay, football!