The Daily Squeeze: Condomless Sex, Work Supervisors, & The Jessica Simpson Jinx

  • About one in four American teens will contract an STD, mainly because many fail to use condoms routinely and consistently. A study of 1,400 people ages 15 to 21 who had had unprotected sex in the previous 90 days found that they didn’t use condoms because they believe they reduce sexual pleasure and were concerned their partner wouldn’t approve of their use. [EurekAlert]
  • The gender of your supervisor at work can affect your mental and physical health. [Newswise]
  • Jessica Simpson says she’s going to continue supporting her BF, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, even though she’s been called a “jinx” on his playing. [AHN]
  • A survey of 28,000 randomly selected men from around the world suggests that relationships are more important to men than sex. [Sydney Morning Herald]