Palin Pink And Other Campaign ’08 Lipstick Colors

When Sarah Palin addressed the nation last week at the RNC, the first female Republican VP candidate introduced a topic to the campaign I doubt most people ever saw coming. This week, it isn’t off-shore drilling, the war in Iraq, or even abortion rights that people are talking about, it’s lipstick. Thanks to Palin, we now know it’s what separates the hockey moms from the pit bulls, but as Obama reminded us a few days ago, lipstick won’t stop a pig from being a pig, a remark that’s prompted a heated debate and even brand new political ads. Surely, with all this focus on lipstick, it’s just a matter of time before someone comes out with one named after Palin. But why stop with just her? Why not introduce a whole lipstick line for Campaign ’08 ? I can see it now — we’ll have…

  • McCainiac Mauve
  • Pit Bull Pink
  • Barracuda Berry
  • Messiah Inspi’ahed
  • Obama Drama
  • Biden Time Brown
  • Cindy-cated Sunset
  • Mocha Michelle
  • Barack-n-Roll Red
  • Proceeds could go to the candidates’ campaigns — a fund-raising idea that beats a boring, overpriced dinner any day, if you ask me.