Beauty How To: 8 Steps To Picture Perfect Tresses

Here’s my hair routine: Wash (um, every other day), leave up in towel until five minutes before I leave, apply whatever hair product is handy to still wet hair, brush out with side part, put in bun and allowed to try to kinky, wavy, whateverness. This routine doesn’t change, no matter the occasion. Mainly, I just don’t understand how to deal with my tresses, but I would like to. So, one of Glam’s beauty gurus hooked The Frisky up with some DIY hair styling tips — I’m not saying I’m going to do this every day, but it sure will come in handy the next time I want to look presentable. — Editor

Hair trends can change as often as girls change their earrings. One day wavy, dirty-blond tresses are all the rage, and the next, dramatic platinum-blond bobs dominate the scene. Regardless of color or cut, one thing remains the same: Shiny, healthy hair is always in style. No matter if you’re a dye-job junkie or a heat-styling queen, follow these eight simple steps to rediscover your picture-perfect hair. 1. Start by washing your hair with a shampoo that is specifically formulated for your hair type. If you have a problem with frizz, opt for a smoothing cleanser. And for those with a parched mane in dire need of a thirst quencher, try a hydrating shampoo. Massage into your scalp and rinse with lukewarm water, which helps you quickly rid hair of excess oil and dirt and leaves it looking and feeling fresh.

2. After you rinse suds away, follow up a with a milk conditioner. It’ll give your hair a long-lasting blast of TLC without leaving any buildup. Make sure to apply the product onto your strands rather than the scalp, and leave it in for at least one minute to ensure that it will completely penetrate the shaft.

3. To lend an extra helping hand in the quest for healthy hair, use a hair mask enriched with protein about once a week. Remember, if your hair is super dry, you should leave the cream on longer, and if your hair is oily, you should rinse it out sooner.

4. Once you’re out of the shower, it’s time to think about drying, which can cause intense heat damage and ultimately breakage. Look for a hair dryer with ion technology to cut down on drying time and prevent prolonged exposure to heat. Ionic dryers also help the cuticle stay smooth and shiny, plus they eliminate frizz. For super-dry hair, leave strands partly damp to let water soak in longer, and air-dry whenever possible.

5. Cardinal rule: Don’t brush your hair while it’s soaking wet! (Allow it to be at least 60 percent dry.) When choosing a hairbrush, find one with soft, natural bristles that will massage your scalp and distribute natural oils throughout your mane. Then, as you stroke hair, it becomes even shinier and healthier, giving you lusted-after locks.

6. Instead of styling with mousses and gels, select a shine-boosting spray for natural-looking sheen. This type of product gives hair a smooth texture and a mirror-like finish. Plus, many contain vitamins and conditioners to protect your coif from everyday environmental damage.

7. Treat your tresses to an at-home oil treatment. Natural ingredients, such as almond, sage, and soy oil, contain fatty acids and minerals that leave strands supple and lustrous, while invigorating the scalp and encouraging more healthy-hair growth. Try wrapping a towel around your oiled-up mane to let the ointment soak in for 15 minutes before washing or styling.

8. Work on getting healthier hair even when you sleep. For those who color and heat-style frequently, a night repair serum can mean the difference between a bad-hair day and a good one (the next morning). It fills in porous hair (caused by dying) and balances out oily and dry scalps. Use it several times a week to see the greatest results.