Recap + Poll: 90210 Winks & Nods At Some Classic Storylines

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the new 90210 is going to rip off certain aspects of story lines from the old Beverly Hills, 90210. On last night’s episode there were two such instances that were straight up nods to the old Nine-Oh. Read on…Between the old characters and the new faces, I think that the new 90210 has some serious potential. For all the haters, you just need to accept that it’s never going to be the same. Besides the fact that Annie and Silver are scary skinny – [Seriously, I didn’t look that scrawny when I was eight! – Editor] – I’m into this new edition.

Last night, Annie and Dixon’s Friday Night plans with their new friends were unfortunately squashed at their parents’ insistence on having a family night at “Lucky Strike.” They both decided to bring the party to the bowling alley with Annie inviting her date to pop in and Dixon inviting his friends to show up as well. The parents are onto them but decide to try and enjoy the night anyway. Things are just not the same in LA as they were in Kansas!

Speaking of L.A. life, since princess Naomi’s trip to Las Vegas with her daddy was canceled, he buys her a Mercedes to make up for it. She goes to his office, where she thinks he’s working late to say thank you and bring him food and finds him kissing another woman. FLASHBACK #1: This is so like the time Donna found out her mom was screwing around on her dad! A breakdown ensues and Naomi drives to Lucky Strike to cry on Ethan’s shoulder. Annie runs out when she hears what happened, which is strange because, um, Annie, you guys aren’t friends. I have to say, I know some people have their doubts about Naomi, but I am kind of partial to her since her character Eden was the hottest thing to hit Nip/Tuck last season.

Meanwhile, Silver’s been sleeping at a women’s shelter because she can’t handle living with her mom, aka the infamous drunken coke head Jackie Taylor. Hell yes, Jackie Taylor is BACK and more drag queen-y than ever! After Dixon, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, finds Silver sleeping in her car, he and his family get involved and call Kelly. FLASHBACK #2: Remember when Jim and Cindy Walsh took in a distraught Kelly after her mom got all coked up at the mother/daughter fashion show? Classic. (See below!)

Kelly confronts Jackie about being an abusive alcoholic and crappy mother and Jackie tells them both to scram. Silver moves in with Kelly and Sammy. God, I love that some things never change in Beverly Hills!

By the way, this episode featured many references to Sammy’s dad. The more I hear, the more I’m convinced it’s Dylan. Brandon just wouldn’t abandon a baby and I highly doubt it’s Steve, despite Sammy’s curly blond locks. Vote in the poll below!