Vampires In Pop Culture: True Blood Debunks Myths And Legends

Vampires are making another resurgence in pop culture. HBO’s True Blood premiered on Sunday and Twilight the movie will be in theaters November 21. Also, the Southern vampire novels by Charlaine Harris, which True Blood is based on, remain extremely popular. Unlike other vampire entertainment, True Blood is debunking some of the vampire myths and legends, in order to make its world believable. And along the way, it may create some new ones.

  1. Vampires sleep in coffins: So far, the vampires in True Blood sleep wherever they feel comfortable. Since vampires have been integrated into society, thanks to a synthetic blood called Tru Blood, they don’t need to hide in coffins or graveyards or caves.
  2. Crosses repel vampires: The vampires in this show are as diverse as the human race, so a vampire would only be affected by a cross if he was of the Christian faith pre-bite.
  3. Vampires are killed by driving a stake through the heart: No vampires have died on True Blood yet, but I suspect that driving a stake through anyone’s heart would kill them.
  4. Sunlight will cause a vampire to burst into flame: True Blood vampires don’t burst into flame when in sunlight. They do, however, smolder and need sunglasses to keep from being blinded by the sun (kind of like that Ray Ban commercial, but not as deadly). Eventually though, the vampire will become extremely irritated by the sunlight and will have to take cover.
  5. Holy water burns their skin and flesh: There haven’t been any holy water showers on the show yet, but like crosses, it probably has no effect unless the vampire was a Christian.
  6. Vampires can fly or turn into bats: The show’s vampires do not turn into bats and haven’t flown, yet, but they are much stronger and faster than humans.
  7. Silver burns the skin of vampires: This is absolutely true on True Blood. Two vampire blood addicts used a silver chain to subdue Bill Compton, while they drained his blood.
  8. Drinking vampire blood will turn you into a vampire: No one has been turned into a vampire yet on True Blood, but humans drink vampire blood to get high and improve sexual intercourse.
  9. Vampires prey on virginal women: Although Sookie Stackhouse, the main character, is a modest Southern lady, the jury is still out as to whether she’s a virgin. Bill is attracted to her nonetheless because she is different from other humans. She’s neither lusts after him nor is she afraid of him.