The Hills Finally Gets Some Action In Vegas, Plus Audrina & LC Cry It Out

Thank you MTV for finally pulling together two episodes where SOMETHING actually happened on this dang show, and two episodes in a row nonetheless! Let’s start with my favorite quote by our token traitor, Stephanie Pratt. “You broke up with a guy who has a private jet?” Stephanie quips to Lauren. Classic, but as Lauren pointed out, they were still on it weren’t they? Sigh, these kids live the life.Off to Vegas where Brody destroys Stephanie at dinner and makes her cry. I don’t even know what to think about this because Brody’s been friends with the Pratts for years and there’s probably a whole lot that we don’t know. Next Sin City drama, due to Audrina and Lauren’s awkward run in at Goa (that’s a totally icky L.A. club) the previous week, the girls aren’t really speaking. There wasn’t one specific reason, but rather building tension. As usual, Lo eggs on the drama by talking smack. Last, but not least, Doug and Brody get arrested. We find out in part two of the episode that they were really just in the casino jail pressing charges against people. Hmmm, okay…

Whitney and Lauren do a fashion show event at their fake job. Whitney has become more boring as this show progresses — why the eff is she still on this show? OH, that’s right, so she can set it up for Lauren to explain her latest dramas. Can’t we just get one clip of Whitney asking her usual questions and replay that in every episode for Lauren to answer to? I bet MTV would save a lot of money. Besides, if they actually DID work, it would be really, really inappropriate of Lauren to use all of her time gossiping about her life as opposed to, you know, getting her tasks done.

Heidi and Spencer are boring as usual as Heidi continues to pretend working at Bolthouse and Spencer shows up to the office to tell her that her sister Holly, who is staying with them, has erased his TiVo shows and he’s upset. Seriously? WORST boyfriend ever.

Last but certainly not least: Lauren and Audrina finally talk. Lots of mascara loaded tears and interrupting each other, but in the end, this friendship is as simple minded as the girls in it — they DO love each other, they DO want to be friends, but they also DO have separate interests. As Lauren put it, Audrina goes to “weird shows” to see bands play. Hahaha! Think these two can make it work? Sadly, I don’t.