Gossip Girl Greatness: This Show Is My Drug

Call me pathetic because I’m in love with a show about rich high schoolers but I don’t care, I love it anyway. Today I’m even wearing the same silk tunic that Serena wore in last week’s premiere when she was on the beach. (The costume department loses a point though because I’ve had this baby since last winter.) Now, onto the dirt. Chuck Bass, I love you more every week. Not for the way you treat pursuing Blair like it’s a sport, but rather for the understated good friend that you are. Saving Nate from his financial troubles and not rubbing it in his face was endearing. Nate’s mom (and those scary dogs that were following her!) should not have so bluntly hinted to Nate who the loan was coming from — just let Chuck do a good dead for his best friend!

Poor Nate, he and his man bangs really tore me up. He’s only 17 and bearing the brunt of his dad’s huge mistakes. His manly take-charge attitude towards the cops searching his house was a turn-on though, I must say. In the end, he gets the money from his cougar lover, which isn’t so noble, but I’ll let that slide. I will say that he doesn’t have to be so mean to Blair, after all, he slept with her best friend before she did his.

Next, we have Serena and Dan. Boring, boring, boring. We know you want each other, stop dragging it out. And puhlease, there’s no way that you two had sex in the Jitney bathroom. Virtually impossible. Sorry, don’t believe it. Dan, Jenny, and Rufus were cute though with their heartwarming family moments.

Onto my personal favorite, Miss Waldorf. Blair totally regained her footing and control of the situation last night when she caught her boyfriend’s stepmother, the Duchess, knocking the boots with Nate on the floor of the Hudson Library. And Dorota as her little sidekick just cracks me up.

Even Blair’s obvious social climbing with Lord Marcus doesn’t bother me, because it just builds the sexual tension between her and Chuck. By the way, isn’t their courtship so Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara with the way they bicker, but obviously want each other? Chuck’s last line in the episode was actually the last line of Gone With the Wind: “Tomorrow is another day.” I can’t wait for next week.