Forget His Kiss, It’s In His DNA

Finding that special someone can seem like an impossible search for a single gal, but the Swiss experts at Gene Partner have gotten the hunt down to a science. While normally it takes a little romance, a couple drinks, and at least one meal to know if a man is right for you and your crotch, these wise guys think they have it all figured out thanks to some stanky shirts. After a study was conducted at the University of Bern in which women picked which men’s t-shirt BO smelled the best to them, Dr. Wedekind was able to link that we’re subconsciously charmed by mates with the best baby making potential based on a dramatic difference in HLA, or the genes that inform your immune system. So, when it comes to long-term love and the success of your potential spawning, opposites do attract! But how do you get to know if your stats should bump uglies?

Using a saliva sample, Gene Partner and the Swiss Institute for Behavioral Genetics will decode your DNA and assign your HLA ID number. Then while you’re pursuing Mr. Right on the interweb, you can know, before you even awkwardly agree to meet him at Starbucks, if you have body chemistry by checking the compatibility of your ID’s online. It’s like eHarmony meets Gattaca. And for a couple hundred bucks you can have the guessing game of dating all figured out. So, while you’ve heard “love is blind,” now we can all be blinded with science. [ Wired]