Who IS Russell Brand, Anyway?

Russell Brand quotes Oscar Wilde as easily as he rocks his ridiculously teased hair. He’s sexy, he’s suave, but, above all, he’s smart and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Despite getting flack for openly teasing the Jonas Brothers about their chastity rings and the “retarded cowboy President” Bush at the VMA’s last night, I thought [Me too! — Editor] Brand stole the show with his off-handed hilarious comments — of course an accent makes everything sound better. Sure, the hole in the ozone is probably caused by the amount of hairspray he uses on his hair-do, but damn the boy is fine and funny! From guyliner to his groovy anti-establishment attitude, who is this one man British invasion named Russell Brand?

LOVES: Round round get around, Russell gets around. And no woman can resist his charms. The self-proclaimed sex addict was named “Shagger of the Year” in both 2006 and 2007 by British tabloid, The Sun. He was so honored by the superlative, when he met Queen Elizabeth, he introduced himself with his title and made a pass for her grand daughter, Zara. While the Queen kept her cool, Rod Stewart jumped on stage to put a stop to Russell’s bragging that he’d screwed the rock star’s daughter at the GQ Awards. Hey, can you blame her? Kimberly Stewart clearly understands a man with spiky hair. But he’s scoring big in the states too. Last week, he appeared on Jay Leno and married woman Eva Longoria flirted shamelessly and fed him chocolates from her cleavage. Although, the ladies man has seemed reformed since he started dating a 22-year-old blonde Australian model, Teresa Palmer, back in May. He’s even let her see him with his hair down, so you know it must be love.

CAREER: While the VMA’s were his high profile hosting gig in America, Russell Brand is no stranger to British audiences. Brand got noticed as a stand-up comic in London and the womanizer has since had more TV shows than girlfriends. After getting a coveted MTV VJ spot on not one, but two of the channel’s shows, Russell was fired on Sept. 12, 2001, for coming to work dressed up as Osama Bin Laden. Oddly enough this stunt perfectly qualified him for his next project, RE:Brand- a documentary show for the BBC about social taboos. But it wasn’t long before strong convictions made him leave another show. After some racists comments were made on the successful Big Brother series he hosted, Brand quit and went on to host a political debate show, an homage to Jack Kerouac’s opus On the Road, and a stand-up show entitled Russell Brand’s Ponderland, for the BBC’s Channel 4. And now, after all that, MTV wanted him back so he started hosting a talk show called 1 Leicester Square. Brand has also MC’d the NME Awards, where Bob Geldof infamously called him the C-word, Comic Relief, the 2007 BRIT Awards, and the UK Live 8 Concert.

In addition to his television work, Brand has authored a celebrated self-effacing memoir entitled Booky Wook, which is slated to become a biopic movie by director Michael Winterbottom, and a weekly column for The Guardian, about life and his favorite soccer team. He is best known in the states for his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Now he’s slated to star with Superbad’s Jonah Hill in the upcoming Get Him To The Greek and also, surprisingly enough, with Adam Sandler in a Disney movie entitled, Bedtime Father. How is this cool controversial dude safe for kiddies?

CREW: Although the comedian clearly prefers the company of ladies, he is close friends with the boys of Little Britain, Matt Lucas and David Walliams. They’ve been known to surprise fans by showing up at his gigs and doing sketches together.

LITTLE KNOW FACTS: He lives with his cat named Morrissey after the lead singer of The Smiths. A real animal lover who works with PETA, Russell’s been a vegetarian since he was 14- no wonder he can still fit in those skinny jeans at 33. He’s a big fan of lady-killer The Fonz from Happy Days After winning GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year in 2006, he has been named Least Stylish Man by the mag two years in a row. Ouch! Brand is open about being bipolar and is an admitted sex addict. The former alcoholic and heroine addict also attended rehab for his sexual addiction, but claims that it just renewed his interest in shagging. He credits the Hare Krishnas for helping him kick the drugs.He can play R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion” on the mandolin. He also contributed two songs to the Sarah Marshall soundtrack under the fake band name “Infant Sorrow.” During a performance in the UK, Russell called the cops while on stage to confess that he was the man responsible for a series of random beating. It was, of course, just a stage stunt and luckily, completely untrue. However, the Northamptonshire Police are still deciding whether or not they’ll press charges against the comedian.

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