MTV VMAs: Totally Crappy In Every Way

Did the budget get majorly cut for this year’s award show? Sure seemed like it, given the scaled down event space and the horrendous lineup of performers. Host Russell Brand was either hysterically funny or horribly flat, depending on who you ask, but I think everyone can agree that the British comedian (known for his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) was basically off the teleprompter the majority of the time, inciting anger in teen virgins (like Jordin Sparks and the Jonas Brothers) and Republicans (we’re sure Speidi didn’t appreciate his firestorm of insults spewed about President Bush and Sarah Palin). Suffice it to say, if Sparks, the Jonas Brothers, and MTV producers have anything to say about it, Brand will be getting a full body cavity check the next time he goes through immigration — that is, if he’s ever allowed in the States again. While I wish Sparks had gotten the memo about not calling people sluts, Catherine made me think maybe she had every right to be pissed that Brand was so critical of teen virgins — especially when the person being critical is an admitted sex addict. Britney Spears had her big “comeback” last night, winning three awards for her horrible music video for “Piece of Me”, and managed to look lovely, nervous, and totally robotic — i.e. a major improvement from last year. We love you Brit!!! Oh, and we’re still waiting for the Chris Brown vs. Ne-Yo dance off that the commercials promised but never delivered. Ugh. Anyway, above are some of the fashionable ladies from last night.