Mad Men: Don Draper, You Are So BUSTED

I missed Peggy this week. Our favorite glass ceiling breaker took much of this week’s episode of Mad Men off and the episode, instead, focused on new assistant Jane, Don Draper’s new car (to replace the one he crashed when he was drunk driving with Bobbie Barrett), and Cooper’s new Mark Rothko painting. Needless to say, it was an odd episode. Read on to find out about Jane’s complete and total insubordination and Jimmy Barrett’s big reveal to Betty Draper…Joan Holloway has had it out for little Jane since she walked into the office — undoubtedly because Joan, now that she is betrothed, is no longer the hot single secretary. She may be happy about the rock on her finger, but she’s none to pleased with someone trying to steal her thunder. When Jane tries to be a bad ass and takes some of the boys into Cooper’s office to see his new painting while he’s not there, Joan gets wind of it and fires Jane for breaking and entering. But Jane knows how to play Joan’s game and goes to Roger Sterling for help. He’s happy to give her a shoulder to cry on, her job back, and a elbow in Joan’s side. Jane may be cowering in Joan’s shadow for now, but I’m expecting a full-on power play to come.

When Don goes to buy a new car to replace the one he wrecked, we get some flashbacks of the old Don, post-War, but pre-marriage and advertising. It seems Don used to sell cars and the process of buying a new one is reminding of his old life. But when Sterling and Cooper let him know that his role at the agency is growing and that he’ll be getting more face time at events and on the board of various charities, Don diverts his attention, once again, to being the man he decided to be. He purchases a vehicle and promptly takes Betty for a ride — but not before a flashback reveals that Don has been called out for his identity theft before…

Meanwhile, Betty gets a call for Jimmy Barrett — the husband of the CRAZY bitch that Don screwed and then left tied to a bedpost — who invites her (and Don) to the premiere of his new show. While there, Don abandons Betty to talk business with Bobbie and others, and Jimmy asks her, after flirting, “What do you think happened between those two?” While up until now we’ve thought that Jimmy either was too stupid to notice his wife’s infidelity or didn’t care, it’s clear he does notice and he does care, but has yet to do a thing about it. Betty storms off and Jimmy calls out Don for sleeping with his wife. On the car ride it’s clear Betty is no longer going to turn a blind eye — and in next week’s episode, it looks like she’s finally going to give Don what he deserves.

I’ve been wondering if Don’s philandering was finally going to bite him in the ass and it seems it finally does. As much as I root for Betty and Don to make it work, if Don finally does come clean to Betty about his actions, it’s going to be hard to watch — whether Betty stays with him for the sake of the kids (as so many women of that time did) or if she leaves him and breaks the glass ceiling of her marriage, once and for all.