Playboy: Lindsay Lohan Just Says No

Not like we haven’t already seen Lindsay Lohan’s whole kit and kaboodle thanks to the paparazzi, bottle service, her refusal to wear panties, and that little Marilyn Monroe-inspired shoot for New York. But Playboy just offered the hottest lesbian in Hollywood $700,000 to pose nude for their magazine. Surprisingly enough, Lohan said “NO!” It’s amazing how love can change a girl. I can’t tell if this decision was brilliant or a bomb, but here’s how other stars have fared after telling Hugh Hefner to bug off, plus fifteen stars who’ve said “Yes” to Hef and have seen their stars sky rocket — and tank.

  • Playboy offered Ashlee Simpson $4 million in 2006 to strike a pose for the men’s mag. While the preacher’s daughter said no, maybe Lohan joined her because the offer was so low in comparison. Since then, Ashlee has had a hit record, a marriage, and is expecting a baby.
  • Rihanna loves to vamp it up in vinyl S&M-style teddies and thigh-high boots, but apparently she’s bashful when it comes to boobies. The 20-year-old singer claimed she didn’t want to freak out her mom. But we smell something else cooking, like Chris Brown’s complaints that the superstar’s saucy look has finally made her tone down her divatude. Either way, the only way to see RiRi’s rack is at the record store. Still, saying no to Hef has hurt her — Rihanna is practically the hottest star in R&B right now.
  • Melanie B, Spice Girl and single mom, has a slammin’ bikini body that she likes to shows off. But when it comes to strutting her stuff for Playboy, the brassy bitch has gone shy. What gives? She says she might someday, but repeatedly turns Hef down. Maybe she’s just holding out for that Ashlee Simpson kinda cash offer. But despite a little career boost from appearing on Dancing With The Stars, Mel B’s work life has been on a down slope after that terrible Spice Girls reunion.
  • While we know Ashley Olsen is a goodie two shoes, we’re surprised Mary-Kate Olsen can not only keep her mouth shut about Heath Ledger, but also her top on. These twins refuse to take out their twins for Playboy. Maybe if Hugh was a young stud or even a Hollywood heir they’d let him cop a feel on their empire.
  • Jessica Alba loves cold hard Cash (both Warren and minted), but she’s told Hugh over and over again that she’s not interested in posing for Playboy. However, that didn’t stop Hef from using a bikini shot of the new mom on the cover of the March 2006 issue. Jessica sued the crotchety publisher for using the pic without her permission, any form of payment, and misleading patrons since there were no photos of her naked inside the mag.
  • Stars Who’ve Said Yes (With Benefits)
    1. Goldie Hawn (January 1985)
    2. Uma Thurman (September 1996)
    3. Dita Von Teese (December 2002)
    4. Stephanie Seymour (February 1993)
    5. Cindy Crawford (July 1998)
    6. Marilyn Monroe (December 1953)
    7. Drew Barrymore (January 1995)
    8. Sharon Stone (July 1990)
    9. Brooke Shields (December 1986)
    10. Jaime Pressly (February 2004)

    Stars Who’ve Said Yes (And Probably Shouldn’t Have)
    1. Tiffany (April 2002)
    2. Tia Carrere (January 2003)
    3. Charisma Carpenter (June 2004)
    4. Bijou Phillips (April 2000)
    5. LaToya Jackson (November 1991)