Celebrities’ Unshaven Armpit Hair Over The Years

Armpit hair is a part of all of our lives, however annoying it may be. Most of us choose to get rid of it by regularly shaving our underarms, but, you know, sometimes we forget. Luckily, shaving only slips our mind in the winter when we’re wearing long sleeves and it doesn’t matter as much. Celebrities who have premieres to attend in strapless dresses aren’t as fortunate — and things have gotten worse for them over the years. It used to be that the press only made a big deal about armpit hair if it was European-style long. But now, with fancy cameras and Photoshop, we can tell when someone has even a tiny bit of stubble. Are these celebs purposefully showing up hairy, or was it accidental? You decide.

  • Paula Cole got pissed at Entertainment Weekly in 1998 when the magazine airbrushed out her armpit hair from a photo. After the singer wrote the mag, EW responding, “Oops! We thought it was just a smudge … until we saw the Grammys.”

  • One of the first celebs photographed at an event with a bush under her arms (at the London premiere of Notting Hill), Julia Roberts is a bit of a trendsetter.
  • Drew Barrymore attended Marc Jacobs’ show during February 2005’s New York Fashion Week in a black spaghetti strap dress accessorized with excess armpit hair.
  • Tyra Banks was photographed sporting stubble in 2006. Hollywood Tuna posts the photo, saying, “This is absolutely disgusting and I’m sorry you had to see this.” Then why’d you guys put it on your website?!
  • Fergie was so busy recording her album The Duchess that she forgot to shave her pits. Her hair, mind you, is so light that no one actually in attendance probably noticed.
  • Now we know: Paris Hilton dyes her hair.
  • Kelly Rowland revealed some major cleavage (and hairy pits) this January.
  • Lily Allen’s armpit got assaulted by the paparazzi last month.

Armpit hair attracts paparazzi the same way cellulite does. But we all have both, so why bother zooming in on stars’ stubble? Seriously, unless it’s majorly long, who cares — everyone runs out of razors from time to time.