Project Runway: No More Leathuh!

Looks We Hated: [From Left to Right] Suede’s Mismatched Camo and Tweed; Stella’s Magician’s Assistant Look; Joe’s Shanghai Flop

Last night’s episode of Project Runway was one of the best yet because the designers were challenged to create a look to add to Diane Von Furstenburg’s Fall collection, which was inspired by Marlene Dietrich in A Foreign Affair. Yes, Diane Von Frickin’ Furstenberg took time away from her fashion empire to not only meet the designers, but also judge the runway competition. She also let the designers use her own fabrics to create the outfit. Since Diane has a longstanding partnership with American Express, the winning outfit will be sold exclusively to American Express customers.

Looks We Loved: [From Left to Right] Leanne’s Winning Night At The Museum Ensemble; Korto’s Flashy Yellow Surprise; Blayne’s Chic Jockey Look

It wasn’t surprising that Leather Queen Stella was auf’d because her design aesthetic doesn’t really fit with DVF. She tried to adapt her style by using a synthetic leather with a tweed to create a vest, pants and cape combo, but the execution was horrible. You know you’re going down when Michael Kors comments on the crotch of your garment. Diane also criticized her cape that was more magician than 1930s. Although Stella seemed like a one trick pony at times, I’m going to miss her because she balanced her no nonsense attitude with a kind of nurturing spirit toward some of the designers.

Although I wasn’t surprised about Stella’s elimination, I thought Joe should have been dismissed because his Shanghai costume was worst than her outfit. If Joe was a better designer, he’d know that no woman would ever wear salmon with hot pink. And the last thing any woman wants is a shawl with pockets and a hood. What exactly is the point of something like that? Furthermore, his construction was off. The judges, especially Heidi Klum, noticed that the waistband and slit of his skirt were uneven. I don’t understand why he’s still in the competition.

On a more positive note, I’m in love with Korto’s garments. Each week she pulls something fabulous and different out of her bag o’ tricks, unlike Terri who seems to make a pants and blazer ensemble every episode. When Korto’s gown and jacket took the runway, I thought I was looking at an actual DVF fashion show. She stayed true to her design perspective by adding a flash of yellow to the black and white fabric, which Diane loved. And the mohair jacket looked so cozy.

Leanne, who won, continues to prove she has a future in the fashion industry, although she got off to a slow start in the beginning of the competition. Like Korto, she made a gown and jacket. Her choice of navy blue for the gown was spot on for this Fall. The gown was beautiful because it was simple in the front, which let the structured jacket shine, but had surprise ruffles cascading down the back.

Kenley’s Shanghai-inspired dress was constructed very well, but wasn’t extremely innovative. She looked like a slacker because all the other designers made more than one garment. It was obvious that layering was central to the DVF Fall collection and she took a chance by ignoring that fact. In the end, she fought for her design and wasn’t eliminated.

For once, I liked one of Blayne’s designs. His jodhpurs-esque pants and toggle coat are totally wearable even if they don’t fit with the overall collection.