Who IS Levi Johnston, Anyway?

Besides sharing a name with Matthew McConaughey’s son, Levi Johnston is also the soon-to-be father of Bristol Palin’s baby. He’s also, um, totally hot, if a bit Abercrombie for my taste. So who is this little rabble-rouser who has helped bring such scandalous national attention to the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate?

LOVES: There’s only one woman in Levi’s life as far as we can tell. The high school student (conflicting reports say he’s either 17 or 18) has been dating 17-year-old Bristol for at least five months — that’s how far along she is in her pregnancy — and according to the Palin camp, the two are planning on getting married. There are some conspiracy theorists who think that Bristol and Levi are already married — Levi’s sister Mercede’s MySpace page, which was public this weekend but is now set to private, referred to Sarah Palin as “Mommy Inlaw” (sic). Whatever the case may be, Levi is already such a part of the Palin family that he’s even headed to the Republican National Convention to hear his future mama-in-law speak!
FAMILY: Not much is known about the Johnston parents, but Levi’s sister Mercede is like most teenagers when it comes to MySpace — i.e. prolific — so we know a bit about her relationship with her brother, which includes a love of hunting moose. Also, partying.

The little baby featured is actually Trig Palin, Sarah Palin’s four-month-old son. Those same conspiracy theorists who think Levi and Bristol are already married point to this photo of Trig as “evidence” that the little boy is actually Bristol and Levi’s kid. In the full photo, Mercede is holding Trig and refers to him as “my new baby brother”. That doesn’t really make sense either, because technically, if the rumor was true, Trig would be her nephew. Whatever — it’s clear that Trig is as big part of the Johnson family as Levi is to the Palin family. The bummer for Bristol and their bundle of joy is that Levi says on his MySpace page, “I don’t want kids.” Well you’re gettin’ one anyway!

HOBBIES: Levi sums up his preferred activities best on his MySpace page (which is also now set to private). “I’m a f–kin’ redneck.” He likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes, “But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s–t and just f–kin’ chillin’ I guess.” Also, I suspect he’s quite scrappy because he also warns, “If ya f–k with me I’ll kick [your] ass.”

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