Sound Off: Ladies Tell Us About Their Self-Love Lives

Ahh, that little man in the boat. How glad I was to meet you! And I wasn’t alone. While men joking about jerking off, spanking the money, choking the chicken, whatever is par for the course in most locker rooms, women discussing their masturbation habits is far less…known or encouraged. But not any longer! I asked a ton of women for the nitty-gritty on their self-love lives. All the details, after the jump…“I was aware of ‘my special spot’ thanks to Judy Blume’s Deenie, but I didn’t start diddling until V.C. Andrews and The Woman’s Body books came into my life. My parents gave me the latter in an effort to teach me about my blossoming body, but I basically just headed straight for the dirty sex and masturbation sections and humped my pillow. When reading about the technicalities failed to do its job, I moved on to the totally pervy families in VC’s novels.” – Annabelle

“I once masturbated while I was sitting in the back of my parents car on the way to the Grand Canyon! It’s amazing how much you can get done on the sly just squeezing your legs together.” – Cayleigh

“I honestly can’t remember how it started, but I used to come up with elaborate story lines that would really turn me on, like about this boy in my class I had a crush on. They weren’t even sexual, they were just about how he really liked me. Maybe I did this because no boys paid attention to me?” – Johanna

“I feel like I may have done it on an airplane once. That’s why they give you those blankets, right? Also, I totally masturbated this one time at horseback riding camp during our afternoon rest period while everyone else was making friendship bracelets.” – Diane

“Apparently I’ve been touching myself practically since birth. According to my mom I was sitting in my high chair at age 5 — what the hell I was doing in a high chair at that age is beyond me — and I was ‘enjoying’ myself. She told me to stop and I told her it felt good. She said our next door neighbor was at the table as well. Awkward.” – Vanessa

“My sister showed me a picture of a clitoris in her high school biology book and said that touching it was supposed to feel good. Always interested in science, I immediately tested that out.” – Elizabeth

“Feels good, it’s free, sometimes i like to quickly get off and not deal with real sex. But most importantly, it puts me to sleep! I have insomnia, but orgasms are like Ambien to me. Which means you’ll never see me in a post-coital cuddle or pillow talking after sex. I’m out.” – Jenna

“I was a very weird child, and for fun I would ask my parents if I could organize and clean their closets. One afternoon while they were gone and I was color-sorting my father’s sock drawer, I happened to look above and see a collection of dusty videotapes. Those videos were all 70s porn–and quick became my new favorite pastime when the folks went out.” – Linda

“In my single days (and when I lived alone) I would masturbate ALL day long. Since I’m multi-orgasmic, I think the most orgasms I’ve had in one day is 25.” – Corie

“I usually have the urge to do it when I’m alone and something slightly erotic comes on cable. Sometimes I have the urge to look up gay male porn on YouPorn, which instantly turns me on.” – Serena