Bloggers Whose Style We Envy

We realize we’re not the only stylish bloggers out there, so we scoured the web to find equally and, in some cases, more fashionable bloggers than ourselves. Read up on our six choices and then weigh in on their style in the comments.

  • Lulu Chang is the marketing manager for a cool website called, which connects “style seekers to trend setters that are similar in shape, size and taste.” We’re really inspired by Lulu’s style because not many people can make holey stockings look chic and we admire anyone that can mix $400 Chloe platforms with a $40 H&M shirt-dress. We also love how she makes her photos just about the clothes by looking away from the camera (that is unless she’s offering hair advice). [Lulu’s Chic Blog]
  • Liz Parker hasn’t been blogging long, but we’re dying for more from this trendsetter. Not many people can combine leather and linen without looking like they’re straddling two seasons, but Liz makes these opposite fabrics work. We love the linen skirt that she made herself and the red shoes add the perfect final touch. [LizParker’s Chic Blog]
  • Have you ever seen a photo of a really stylish European woman and you wished you could be her or at least know her? Well Frickys, who hails from Bulgaria, is that chick. Like Lulu, she mixes high-end designer pieces with retail store finds. She has a strong penchant for H&M and Zara, but makes their items look like one-of-a-kind pieces. Plus her scarves look completely effortless. [FriChic]
  • Snowshoe Rabbit said she has a “pathological need to be photographed every day,” and we don’t mind because she is usually wearing an interesting and innovative outfit. She has updated the Annie Hall look and has created Girl Scout Chic. Even her skinny jeans that are no longer skinny look chic with a bowler hat and peep-toe shoes. [Snowshoe Rabbit]
  • Anna-Maria has the uncanny ability to recreate designer looks. We especially love her interpretation of a Burberry Prorsum outfit, which she said was done unconsciously. And her Gossip Girl outfit looks appropriate for a twenty-something because the muted colors make the outfit more adult and wearable. In addition, she has inspired me to try paper bag waist pants (minus the Amish-ish hat). [Fashion Flux]
  • Emma Thorn’s blog seems to be a not-too-disguised front for her eBay store Fresh Garbage Vintage, but we’re not mad at her. We’d wear most of the vintage clothes she has for sale. I’d personally take the green shress off her back. And we feel totally international visiting a blog that’s written in Spanish (some of the posts are translated to English). [Emma’s Corner]