Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of September 2nd 2008


  • The American Wife
    What’s dirtier than a romance novel? A thinly veiled novel about the First Lady and all her juicy indiscretions. From a secret abortion, to vehicular manslaughter, to worshiping the Washington Monument in her husbands pants, this American Wife will remind you of a certain woman in the White House. This novel shows Laura Bush is no married name misnomer as it delves into the protagonist’s predilections. From the soapy sounds of the excerpts we got our grubby hands on, Prep author Curtis Sittenfeld has composed yet another chick lit classic.

    • New Kids On The BlockThe Block
      The New Kids are back on the block and we already decided we’re not going to play with them. We were excited in March, when they first announced they were reuniting, but like most things we liked as tweens, we are totally embarrassed by them now. Even as adults, NKOTB still like to do coordinated dance moves like they’re at a sleepover party. Their single “Summertime” made me cringe all season long as it was played on loop at my local drugstore. Good thing our televisions have a mute function as they make the rounds on daytime.
    • Young Jeezy The Recession
      Young Jeezy’s politically charged new record The Recession is sure to get economic support in these troubled times. The radical rapper rips on the president and beats on the establishment. And like the man’s MySpace bio says, “No matter what is being supplied, a hustler is only as good as his word.”
    • Terrance Howard Shine Through It
      Terrence Howard is a smooth talker. His jams could have been written back in the day and your grandma would have gotten down to this. But there’s something still sweet about a guy just singing love songs wearing a suit and hat.
    • Chemical Brothers Brotherhood
      Bust out your JNCO’s and glow sticks, cause we’re about to rave about the new Chemical Brothers compilation record. Sure, we’re still pissed Lily Allen got chucked by Chemical Ed last February. But after listening to all the booty shaking hits and rarities released by the Bros, we can almost forgive what or who else they’ve managed to shake so long as they keep doin’ it to the dance floor!


    • The Office: Ultimate Package
      Steve Carrell officiates four season’s worth of funny. Crush on cute Jim, drool over Dwight if you’re into dorks, but at home, with all these DVD’s, you can be even more unprofessional then they are at The Office.
    • The Itty Bitty Titty Committee
      Rrriot girls run the CIA…well it’s a group with the same acronym — “Clits in Action”. Starring like likes of The L Word’s Daniela Sea and directed by But I’m A Cheerleader’s Jamie Babbit, this picture portraying lesbian feminist troublemakers won the South by Southwest Jury Award.