Make A Fall Resolution: Ditch The Doritos, Start Doing Yoga, & Balance Your Checkbook

After the nice long weekend of excess we just had, we’re feeling that end-of-summer pull to start fresh. Maybe because fall reminds us of blank notebooks, unsharpened pencils, and new clothes, this time of year seems like a better time than New Year’s to make resolutions and stick to them…at least until the holiday parties start. So, here are are few suggestions for what you should resolve to do now that September has begun.

Eat better Because eating hot dogs and barbecue chips might have left you deficient of certain nutrients. Stop spending money on useless stuff Was that Super Soaker you bought at the drugstore in June really necessary? Nah, but you’ll wear this corduroy skirt nonstop.

Stay active It was easy staying fit when that meant biking to the ice cream shop. There’s still plenty of time to exercise outside, and hiking is a nice activity to do now that the leaves are becoming pretty colors.

Catch up Forget to respond to friends’ emails or phone calls? Most people understand that summer is all about going on vacations and weekend trips, so you can pull the “now that we’re all back in town, let’s get together” card.

Don’t be late If you arrived at work 15 minutes after 9 a.m. every single day this summer, those lazy days are over. Maybe this princess castle alarm clock will help.

Make time for yourself After you’re finished exercising and eating right, do something that you really love to do. For some this means sketching, and for others it means turning on a favorite song really loud and dancing around our apartment.