How To Dump Your Summer Fling

It’s become my understanding that “sex on the beach” is a cliché that leads to sand in bad places. However, sex and beach are both words that bring to mind the ultimate summer fling. Scantily clad bodies, sun, surf, outdoor bars, gleaming tans, it all makes for a lovely little fantasy. Unfortunately, fantasies often come to an end. Sorry kid, time to wake up from that dream. Fall is almost here! So how are you going to let your summer fling fade gently into the sunset? Here are my tips:

(WO)MAN UP: I don’t like people who ignore — they have absolutely no backbone and are cowards. Own up to what you’re doing. Make it clear that it is O-V-E-R. This was fun, but now it’s done. You don’t want to get stuck with a Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction: “I will not be IGNORED, Daniel!”
PREPARE FOR AN ENCORE: Lay down the law, with an open-ended farewell. You don’t have to be downright rude and admit that the intoxicating smell of saltwater and blended margaritas was the only reason your fling happened. Maybe there’s a possibility for the future, maybe there isn’t, but “I had a great time with you this summer. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime in the fall/winter” leaves your fling open to going into reruns.

DAMAGED GOODS: Some people have had really bad experiences with long distance. That is a perfect out. It’s not them, it’s you. You just can’t handle the pressure!

BACK TO BEING A CAREER GAL: Everybody knows work slows down during the summer. But now Labor Day, the last official LAZY day, is approaching. You’re going to be swamped. You really want that promotion. You need to put 100% focus into your extremely important career aspirations — and there’s not going to be time for anything else. Sorry cutie.